BU004: Cars From a Woman’s Perspective with Alissa Barry

Business Unusual guest graphic: Alissa Barry Tyler and Cars From a Woman's Perspective (image)

Women and cars… what pops into your head with that phrase? From visor mirrors and soccer mom insignias to bikini-clad hotties sprawled across hoods, women and cars can drum up a variety of stereotypes.

Cars From a Woman’s Perspective was created by Alissa Barry Tyler to challenge those stereotypes. By creating a community and resource for women who make their cars part of a lifestyle, CFAWP is dialing back our assumptions and driving forward with a new way of looking at females and their automobiles.

Items & Takeaways from this episode:

  • Cars From a Woman’s Perspective can be seen on Comcast in Colorado as well as Detroit and Indianapolis.
  • CFAWP videos don’t just focus on car maintenance; they speak more to overall lifestyle with your car.
  • Shout out to Rod at the Emily Griffith Technical College in Denver!
  • Alissa got to drive the Ford Gran Torino from the Starsky & Hutch TV Show… including wearing the mock-up Starsky sweater! 

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