We’re alive online!

“And on the 272nd day, the Business Unusual Podcast was born online…”

Okay, okay, a bit melodramatic, but it sets the tone, wouldn’t you say?

This is BU Podcast’s very first post and it seems fitting to use it as a guide for where to find Business Unusual Podcast online. While it would be fairly unusual to only have a website and no other digital footprint, we decided to err on the side of being smart.

In the coming days as we gear up for the first episodes of BU Podcast, why not follow us on social media and start connecting with folks? You may find unusual commonalities in unexpected places.

(We promise not to overuse the word “unusual,” though it’ll be a bit of a challenge considering the podcast’s title.)

Without further ado, here’s where else you can find Business Unusual Podcast online:

Facebook Group




That’s enough for now, wouldn’t you say? Get connected, get ready, and stay (you guessed it) unusual.

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