Live Shows First, Listening Soon

The first recordings of Business Unusual are underway!

Now that we’re well into January 2017, we’re hard at work lining up and interviewing truly unique businesses and their leaders so you can be inspired and learn from those who have gone before you.

What’s happening now?

You deserve a strong start to this show and the podcast episodes, so here’s the plan:

  • We have one more interview to achieve the initial three (3) full episodes we want to roll out right away to get you started;
  • Once that third interview is edited, we’ll compile snippets into an introduction episode which teases out what you’ll hear in the show.
  • Episodes will be published to iTunes, Stitcher, and Google to allow you to start getting addicted to Business Unusual!

Did you know…

You can watch the live interviews as they happen? We conduct each live interview over Facebook Live from the Business Unusual Facebook Page, and you can not only watch and listen, but you can also ask questions, react, and share the interview with your friends.

Check our Events tab to learn about the live interview schedule so you can help drive the direction of the questions by each Business Unusual!

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