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Rachel Moore | Creator and Host of the Business Unusual Podcast

Rachel Moore is a communciation professional with over 20 years of corporate and marketing expertise. With her background in media editing, broadcasting, and graphic design, Rachel has the production capabilities to create insightful and dynamic episodes for the podcast universe.

Additionally, if you’ve ever spoken with Rachel, you immediately experience an engaging and empathetic personality which can get you talking and having “all the feels” about the topic at hand. Her conversational style is an ideal conduit to bring your own history and experiences to new listeners of your company’s story.

As for Rachel’s story, she has a rather unusual path to her present-day success: after dropping out of her first semester of college, she took a winding 20-year path to the moment she¬†walked the stage in 2013 to be handed her diploma in Communications. In the interim, she helped plant a church in Wisconsin, earned a certification in radio and television broadcasting, starred in musical theater productions, and volunteered as a youth leader. Along the way, she got married, birthed two children, and staked roots in the Denver area where she hopes to someday shake a cane at speeding drivers from her front porch.

You can connect with Rachel on Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. (You can connect other places, too, but those will get you started.)

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