BU003: Conbody with Coss Marte

Business Unusual guest graphic: Coss Marte with Conbody (image)

You’d think facing jail time as well as a foreboding health diagnosis would be enough to dampen any entrepreneurial ideas. When Coss Marte spent three minutes working out in his 9′ x 6′ jail cell only to collapse on his bed, he may never have predicted the fitness community which would eventually develop into a fully-realized business.

Conbody is the result of one ex-convict’s drive and desire to be healthy and to give back to his community.

Items & takeaways mentioned in this episode:

  • ConBody stands for “Convict Body,” hiring ex-convicts to teach prison-style fitness to customers.
  • Their team goes back into prisons to help teach fitness and also to prevent recidivism.
  • Founder Coss Marte grew his customer base from one to two people at a park to over 10,000 through consistency – just showing up every day.
  • Conbody’s growth was helped greatly by one single blog post which took off.
  • DefyVentures.org is a resource for formerly-incarcerated entrepreneurs to build something new and find those who will help them do it.
  • If anyone is looking to volunteer in exchange for learning about building a business and fitness, Conbody.com seeks volunteers.


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