BU005: Obstacle Racing Media with Matt B. Davis

Business Unusual guest graphic: Matt B. Davis with Obstacle Racing Media (image)

We’re all used to the metaphor of “hitting a wall” as we try to accomplish a goal, but what about when you really encounter one and have to get over it before finishing? Welcome to obstacle racing!

Matt B. Davis is the co-founder of Obstacle Racing Media, the media and podcast source for all adventurous competitors in the racing realm. Matt shares his unique path to co-founding ORM, as well as honest insights into his journey and how he manages his day-to-day in this unique landscape.

Items & Takeaways from this episode:

  • Matt is a “later in life” entrepreneur, starting is first business (a staffing company) in his late 30s.
  • Obstacle racing isn’t just for “fit people;” the only difference between your race and someone else’s race is your time.
  • Matt learned, in the process of starting his podcast about obstacle racing, the importance of “consistent quality content.”
  • Matt and his wife are heading to the Bermuda Triple Challenge – are you?
  • Many of the obstacle races have kid versions, too!
  • Waffle House may have a new influencer for their marketing strategy…
  • Matt is a Gary V. fan!

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