BU006: The Gamecrafter with JT Smith

Business Unusual guest graphic: JT Smith with The Gamecrafter (image)

We’ve come a long way with board games since the days of Chutes and Ladders or LIFE. I visited a game shop recently and found wall-to-wall options for board games I’ve never heard of.

Someone had to think up those new games, and that’s the very business of The Gamecrafter. Co-founded by JT Smith, for years creators and gaming enthusiasts have brought their board game ideas to the Gamecrafter to bring them into reality. JT took time to share his entrepreneurial journey and history of The Gamecrafter with Business Unusual.

Items & Takeaways from this episode:

  • JT Smith has started 21 businesses in his journey as an entrepreneur.
  • A deck of cards can cost as little as $6 to be created by The Gamecrafter.
  • Think “Cafepress for boardgames!” (Though it’s a bit more complicated than that.)
  • When you focus on doing too much manually, you can tank your company in the long run. Figure out a more efficient way.
  • Building incentives into a community for your company can foster better products as well as better brand advocates.
  • “If you have to be there to make money, you will never make any.”
  • If you’re a game convention organizer, JT makes a special announcement at the end of the interview.

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