BU007: Denver Cat Company with Sana Q. Hamelin

Business Unusual guest graphic: Sana Q. Hamelin with Denver Cat Company (image)

If you like cats, and you like coffee, wouldn’t you love to enjoy both together? That’s exactly what a cat cafe provides, and Denver Cat Company is bringing cats, coffee, and potential pet owners together every day.

Sana Q. Hamelin is the founder and owner of Denver Cat Co., and in this episode of Business Unusual, she shares how a cat cafe is a perfect endeavor for someone who would love to bring every cat home with her.

Items & Takeaways from this episode:

  • Denver isn’t the only city with a cat cafe!
  • There’s one particular country where cat cafes are found on just about every street corner.
  • Business owners face many obstacles; even more when they are a woman, a minority, and might lack a business degree.
  • Sana observed “Day Without Women” during International Women’s Month and was interviewed by the local NBC affiliate, 9News.
  • When you have a brick-and-mortar   storefront you are leasing , Sana shares advice into how to help yourself when negotiating your business’ space.
Denver Cat Company | Business Unusual (Image)

Cats get first dibs on seating.

Denver Cat Company | Business Unusual

Cuddling is encouraged. So is sleeping.

Denver Cat Company | Business Unusual

Kids are asked to be respectful as they interact with the cats.

Denver Cat Company | Business Unusual

Guidelines and coffee options are provided up front.

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